Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sydney Tower Restaurant

Im in love with food! Any thing with food, I'm there! So when it come to picking what food related activity to do this week we thought it was time to see Sydney from up top! 

There was two dining choices to choose from, the 360 Bar and dining or the Sydney Tower Restaurant. The 360 bar and dining was basically a sit down meal with a set menu and the Tower restaurant was a buffet. As we didn't like the menu for the 360, we thought buffet then we got more for our money as we could go up as many times as we wanted! 

It was pretty high up so your in the elevator for about 5 minutes and you can hear your ears pop as you reach the top. We was greeted by a man that called us Mr & Mrs Cornwall, threw me back a bit but i could get use to it its better then getting called Mrs Turtle because they can't pronounce my last name! 

Our seats where pretty amazing, we had a booth. Because we booked for 6pm it wasn't too busy and we had had the buffet to ourselves for a little while. I got a jug... of lemonade, rock star that i am and Bobby got a jog of toohey new. 

We have to admit, it was a little disappointing. I was so excited for the seafood but when you see a man go in with his hands it kinda puts you off it. But i did get to try salt and chili squid and boy oh boy it was good, a bit spicy (by little i mean a lot) for my likings but with a jug of lemonade i knew i would be fine. Bobby tried Kangaroo, crocodile and emu. He verdict was emu was alright nothing amazing, he wouldn't rush to have it again. He wasn't a fan of crocodile but kangaroo was nice. We tried a few other things but we didn't go back for seconds. The food was alright but we thought we would be taking 2 or 3 plates back to the table with us but there weren't much on the plate.

Desserts destroyed us! We had a lot of desserts, ice cream, water melon, orange's, melon, jelly, lemon tart, chocolate mud cake, profiteroles, apple and cinnamon tart and a lavender & honey mouse. I'm not kidding between us that's what we had! 

The View 
Your pretty much paying for the view and we was OK with that because  it was AMAZING! I don't think we looked at each other much in the evening, our heads were constantly looking out the window. the time we was there it had done a full 360 around Sydney. It really was breathtaking and i said WOW every 5 seconds. It was such a good night and definitely worth every penny!

Excuse the blurriness, it was the only picture i had that didn't have a reflection in it.

If you want to have a look on there websites at the menu and pictures Click here

Danielle & Bobby xx

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