Monday, 10 November 2014

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

Home of crocodile hunter!
You are probably asking why is this zoo so special, well I’m going to show you why it is amazing and by far the best zoo i have EVER been too! 
The Crocoseum
Everyday they put on a crocodile show. The keepers tell you facts about them and showed us the largest croc they had there. They also showed some other wildlife action and put on show for about an hour.
The Irwin family: Bindi, Robert and Terri.
Get right up and close to the Kangaroos. Hand feed and take lots selfies with them!
My favourite part of the day was these last two pictures. We finally got to hold a Kola!

You can hold a kola, crocodile or snake for i think it $25 but its so worth it! 
They put on so many shows, you get to see animals do tricks, we see a tiger climb up a tree it was brilliant. Like i said they have the crocoseum shows at 12 noon each day. 
Also you can pay extra to go into the penn with the animals, feed them, touch them, learn cool facts about them and get a picture with them.  
Ticket entry depends on where you book but i have put the link at the bottom for anyone going.
We had an amazing day at this zoo. We enjoyed every bit, from beginning to end! If you along the east coast you NEED to do this! BEST DAY EVER!
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Monday, 3 November 2014

A few good days in Brisbane

We decided that we only wanted to stay in Brisbane a few days because we thought its only another city ticked off the list and we didn’t know what here is to do there, so we had 2 full days checking out the city and then one day going to Steve Irwins Australia Zoo.

Brisbane isn’t a bad city, its very clean. Like the streets are very clean, I’m pretty sure you could cook on them if you wanted too (maybe a little too far) AND there is free wifi in the city centre which is always handy for a backpacker.

When you cross the bridge to south bank, you eyes will be treated with a ….. beach, a man made beach and lagoon and a place of where dreams are made of! It is totally  weird, one way you look there's the city and you then the other way and you see a beach. You feel totally confused and slightly jealous that not every city has this thing. London invest! You can go on the wheel of Brisbane in south bank if you wanted too or the climb the story bridge. One thing i loved about south bank was that it had an outdoor theatre, with sofas and bean bags and right next to it was communal BBQ's, so whilst your watching a movie you could have a burger in your hand. It just had a nice atmosphere, there was twinkle lights in the trees and your over looking the city. Awwwwww! 

There is a herb garden, yes i will repeat that a herb garden in the middle of everything. Need a little mint for your mojito, go grab some!
They also had a botanical gardens there if you fancied a stroll through the woods.

I would only suggest going to Brisbane only a few days because 3 days was a good amount of time to have there. One good thing is you can be sitting in the city centre or sitting on a beach and you still in Brisbane.

If you are there you MUST go and see The lion king it is amazing! 

I think its one of those cities that your like mehhhh.
Herb Garden

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Things to do in Surfers Paradise

Need a list of things to do whilst your in surfers? Well you are reading the right post!
1. Wet n wild- Do it, its sooooo much fun!!!!!

2. Seaworld, Dream world & Movie world

3. Big night out with the hostels every wednesday & saturday 

4. The beach is so beautiful and right next to food so you don’t need to walk far

5. Skypoint obsersavtion deck
(please excuse the reflection, it was hard not to get it in the shot)

6. Go on the ‘sling shot’

7. 7D cinema

8. Strike bowling

9. Go to the highstreet and have a little spend

10. Wax museum

11. Of course you can learn to surf, paddle board and kayak. (You can do that anywhere)

12. Tons of restaurant and bars to go in.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Why you need to be in Surfers Paradise

A name with paradise in it, you just know what your getting in for and that your gonna have a good time.

We loved surfers paradise! 

Even though it has that city feel you are just thrown back by the gorgeous beach. We have nothing but good things to say about this place. There is so much to do that the list is endless, but i’ll start off with some of the things what we did.

Of course where ever we go, were going to be at the beach some point. Although we wasn’t at the beach as much as we thought we would be. What i loveddddd about this beach was that when it hits that time when you want food but can’t be bothered to go far, its right next to the side walk. Ahhh yes!

Because surfers paradise is mainly tourists and holiday goers, it has a lot of attractions around it. Like Sea world, dream world, movie world and wet n wild. We had planned for a long time that wet n wild was on the list of things to do whilst we was there and it was AMAZING! A few rides that we wanted to go on were shut down for reconstruction, typical, but what rides were open were so much fun!

We went and did the sky point observation deck was $18 and you get a 360 view of the east coast and it was worth the money! We went in the evening to watch the sun set (how romantic of us) and we just made it. Gorgeous views!

Big night out with the hostels! Every wednesday and saturday, depending on what hostel you stay in have big night outs, where each hostel meet up at a bar or night club and you get free entry and drink and then you move onto the next place and the next and the next until you can’t stand or fall asleep in the toilet!

The night markets along the beach. If we were here on holiday for a week or two i would of gone ape shizzle on this and practically bought the whole lot but because I’m not and i have to either send it home or carry it with me, extra bagged is not what we need! They have your typical market things, bracelets, bags, clothes, memorabilia, household items etc (you get the gist).

Shopping, they nearly had every shop you could think of and more!

Ice cream…… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

These are a few of the things we did but if you would like to know more just let me know!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Main beach backpackers Review

We think that our time in Byron bay wasn't enjoyable was mainly down to the fact that we didn't like the hostel we stayed in. We stayed in Main Beach Backpackers if you haven't already guessed. We personally wouldn't recommend this hostel to anyone that was planning on going. 
The only reason why we stayed in this hostel was because when we booked up our travels we got discounted accommodation vouchers. So we thought why not save a little cha ching and go with the ones that Indie travel recommend.

Our room.
Ok we stayed in a 6 bed dorm. We got quite lucky with the roommate situation, the first night we had one girl in the room with us and then she left so we had the 6 bed dorm to ourselves for 2 nights, then another girl joined and then she left after 1 night and then we were on our own again for the remainder of our time there. It was quite handy because we didn't have to leave the room to get changed etc. But the room wasn't luxury and we didn't expect it to be on a travellers budget, but this was just wrong. The rooms smelt of pure DAMP and MOULD, you opened the door you could smell it, the went sleep guess what you could smell it and what made it even better it made our clothes STINK! We didn't realise how bad the smell was until we unpacked our clothes at surfers paradise. The bunk beds were broken. And on our first night our roommate found a spider in the room -_-

Even though the kitchen was mopped each day it still smelt and we didn't want to touch or use anything. Nothing looked like it had been washed up but thats down to the people using them. 

The toilets are pretty much what you expect of public toilets but even then i think public toilets are a little bit much nicer. Some of the girls toilets didn't have locks. The shower only seemed to have one setting, cold! It was rare to get hot  water or even warm, it was just by chance.

One of the main things we noticed was that the people there were not very welcoming to us, no one really spoke to us or even made a effort too, we wasn't sure if it was because we are a couple or because the other people there were long timers and have made there own click. So there wasn't a very nice atmosphere in the hostel. There was only one person who was nice to us and tried to generate a conversation whenever she saw us and that was the receptionist. 

There was no nights out planned or ways to get to know other travellers, no events like they said there would be. One night was meant to be all you can eat BBQ for $5 and it didn't happen and i don't even remember seeing a BBQ, just stuff like that.

The one thing we loved was that the beach was a stone throw away from it, less then 30 seconds to get there!

We didn't let this get us down though because you can't complain for $16 dollars a night!

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Things to do in Byron bay

1. Walk to the light house

2. Do a nature trail 

3. Walk to most easterly part of Australia

4. Lay by the beach 

5. Go shopping in the cute shops

6. Hire a surfboard or paddle board and learn how to surf

7. Kayaking tours

8. Whale watching

9. Sky dive onto the beach

10. Eat out at the local restaurants 

11. Sleep all day and party all night

12. Hire a bike and go exploring 

13. Yoga and pilates on the beach

14. Go outside of byron bay and see the surrounding areas

If You would like to know more about Byron bay or what else there is  to do the CLICK HERE
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Our time in Byron Bay

Byron bay is famous for being the hippie, chilled back town where most people call themselves free spirits. We were told so many good things about Byron bay that when we go we will want to stay, even the guy that picked us up said his trip was only meant to last 3 days and 6 months later he’s still here loving life, our roommates only said good things about it so we were pretty excited and set our standards high that we knew we were going to have a good time. But here it comes………… we didn’t like it. Before you go gaspingggggggg hear us out, we have pros and cons. 

What we loved:

The beach. It was beautiful, it stretched out for miles and as much as we tried to walk all of it, our legs just couldn’t take it. 

On Bobby's birthday we walked to the lighthouse which most people said only takes 30 minutes or so, 2 hours and a sweaty top later we finally made it to the top of the cliff (felt like a mountain) We did the nature walk and it was breath taking, the views were just stunning. It honestly takes your breath away but i think any beach view with clear blue waters is going to do that. We had made it to the most eastern part of Australia on our walk and whilst we was up there staring at the world we see some whales. If you wanted to be romantic you could go up there at sunrise or sunset.

The cute restaurants and cafes. Each way you turn, you have no end of choice for food. Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, takeaway, organic food, the list is endless and can cater to every ones budgets. If your a traveller $5 dollar dominoes pizza or if you fancy something not out of a box and is AMAZING try Gourmet fish & chips. The best fish and chips we have EVER had, statement made! Its located behind main beach backpackers hostel.

You can learn how to surf, i mean you can do that at any beach but the price was great here! Plus with who we booked with we got free surf board hire and free paddle boards. But unfortunately a man was attacked by a shark a day before we arrived so we wasn’t feeling up to going to far out as it happened close to shore :/

What we didn’t so much love:

Theres not much to do other than lay by the beach, the nature walks to the light house and back, eat, go out drinking in the evening and that's pretty much it. Theres not much that drew us in about Byron, the town was like a big square with everything you need in it. 

Our hostel wasn’t the greatest but that will be another blog post.

For us it was quite boring but that's only our opinion, a lot of people there loved it but it just wasn’t for us. We could of done it in 2 or 3 days but we were there a week so we decided to get a tan, get drunk and make the most of time we had there.
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