Monday, 16 June 2014

Royal Botanic Garden

We were getting bored of going into the city and just looking at shops, we wanted to do a little exploring.
(We was not prepared mentally, physically or clothes wise for what bobby was about to take us on.)

We first tried to walk across the harbour bridge, going up countless amount of stairs to then figure out we went up the wrong entrance.... back down the stairs we went!
Then we wandered around the Sydney Opera house thinking there might be some hidden sites but instead we photo bombed someones wedding pictures.
There are surprisingly a lot of weddings here, the first week we see 3 in one day and a couple had their pictures taken outside Starbucks with me and Bobby stuffing our faces in the background.

At the back of the Opera house there there was an entrance to the Royal Botanic gardens.
It is like they have taken something out of the rain forest and popped it in the middle of Sydney. The views are breathtaking! Its peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. Each way you turn there is something different, one second I'm looking at palm trees and hammocks the next I'm looking at loads statues.

I could sit here and tell you how big it is or you can just look at this map and see for yourself. Click Here  

It has everything for all ages: nature walks, parks, ponds to feed the many birds, restaurants, quiet lounge areas, swimming pool, herb gardens, oh countless amounts of different gardens... the list is endless.

We were probably in there for about 2 hours and only covered half of it! 

A little fun fact i learnt it has 8,900 plants in there but with the domain it is 67,100!

 This was taken from the Harbour bridge.

I only got two pictures but we are going to go back into the gardens to see more so i will do another blog post on it.

Danielle & Bobby xx

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