Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

As you could imagine my excitement levels were on top form for when we entered the aquarium. 
We was greeted by a nice big shark and the usual pictures taken where you act scared that you have seen a shark or pointing at a penguin overly happy. 

We had high expectations as most people we spoke to had raved about how good it was but we have to say we was pretty disappointed. 
Don't get me wrong there were some cool sea life in there but other than that it was your every day animals you would see at Great Yarmouth.

I was expecting animals we had never seen before, like rare species that you only get to see in the wild but there was only a few we see that got the 'owwwww, ahhhhhhh, wow!'

OK so on to the good stuff.
My little heart melted when we see a lonely penguin just floating in the water, for a second i did wonder if it was dead but thankfully  it was alive and just enjoying the cool breeze and catching some U-V rays! 
It had two eggs in a nest on the side so it was going to be a mama soon, that's cute but then made me think where was the other penguin that she tangoed with?

We saw a sword shark, grouper, reef sharks, platypus (Bobby's favourite) a HUGE stingray, clown fish- Nemo, glow in the dark coral, big jellyfish etc. The list is endless, but those are the cool ones.

We got to touch a star fish and a sea cucumber.

It says you can spend all day there, i think we were done within 30 minutes, so overall not a bad half an hour!

 The teeth on this bad boy!

Danielle & Bobby xx

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