Sunday, 15 June 2014

Im Angus restaurant

It was about time that we tried one of these restaurants, so we decided what we fancied and it was steak. The only place that looked like it did steak was I'm Angus and I'm so glad we chose there because boy oh boy oh boy it was lovely!

With the Vivid festival on, we got seated right on the water front so that we could watch the firework display. How romantic!  

They had a special on for $28 dollars and you got 2 courses, We both went for sirloin and for dessert bobby had sorbet and i of course went for anything chocolate on the menu. 
Because i like mine extra well done, basically burnt they said we had to wait a little longer.
Bobby decided to have a Blonde beer, i thought i would be fruity and try a raspberry mojito thinking it would only be a little bit of alcohol..... I was VERY wrong.
They put the whole bottle of vodka in there, one sip and i was feeling light headed, 2 sips and i was on the floor! As it was $18 dollars bobby wasn't letting it go to waste so he finished it off for me. 

The steak was probably the best i have ever tried and every other steak i have had means nothing to me (sorry dad) but it was so good! They had their chips in mini frying pans, which was cute and we tried peppercorn sauce for the first time and was pleasantly surprised!

Within a minute i had inhaled my dessert and staring at Bobby's hoping he would get the hint i wanted to try some of his. He clocked me from the beginning just didn't let me lol! He had a selection of sorbets; coconut, passion fruit, mango and another one he didn't like we think it was melon but whatever it was, it wasn't nice.

(A little blurry, the excitement of dessert got to me)

Overall we loved this restaurant and will probably go back.

Danielle & Bobby Xx 

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