Saturday, 14 June 2014

Darling Harbour

For our first week we stayed in a hotel to get ourselves settled in, the perks of staying in a hotel was that it was perfect location. 
One side of us was china town and the other was darling harbour.

Darling Harbour is basically laid out like a big 'U', with restaurants either side and many attractions to keep you busy. 

There is a HUGE playground, its meant to be for children but it most definitely doesn't look like a child's playground! It was like a mini go ape! 

All of the restaurants are on Cockle Bay Wharf, King Street Wharf and Harbour side. 
There was a selection to choose from like:
Hard rock cafe, Guylian Belgian chocolate cafe (a dream come true), Nicks seafood bar and grill, I'm Angus- a steak house and Cargo's. To make a long story short, there is lot to choose from!

On this particular day we grabbed a burger, sat by the harbour and tried not to get attacked by seagulls.

Danielle & Bobby Xx


  1. A guylian cafe!? I was envious before but now I'm down right disgusted!!! So jealous!!! Seashells are my absolute favourite chocolates... I can't believe such a thing exists and I've never heard if it or seen it promise me ull visit and eat choc for me!!! Jus xxxx

    1. Oh Jus i have already been in there and purchased some chocolates! Because it was quite busy we didn't sit down and drink but i can definitely go back in there and buy more and send you pictures! Xxx