Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Next stop Noosa

Noosa was looooooooovely, it was really cute town. We really liked it there, we had everything we needed at out doorstep or a stone throw away. 

Our hostel was YHA halse lodge and is the perfect location, beach one way, town the other. We highly recommend to stay here, the rooms were actually quite alright for a hostel and clean thank the lord. 
Outside our door was a terrace with big arm chairs, sofas and you get to look out of all of Noosa and the wildlife.

The beach had a snow cone machine right next to the water, so i was all over that! 
Get out of the water, Baywatch style and then hop in line to get a snow cone! The beach was like every beach we have seen since being here… BEAUTIFUL! 

From noosa you can do everglades but i guess you will have to stick around for that blog post :)

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Road trip to the Blue Moutains

As a birthday present, my jolly good friend Jack hired a car for the weekend and planned a day out to the Blue mountains for us all. Ekkkkk!!

I think after many occasions of me saying 'i wanna go to the blue mountains i wanna gooooo' finally got stuck into someones brain, so i was very HAPPY when he had put it all together. Well done, i say well done!

Now i will be honest and i might be the only one buttt i did think the mountains were actually going to be blue... but there not... its just the blue mist that covers it. (If you didn't know already)

We all wanted to make use of having the car, so we thought we would make a day of it, stopping off at a few look out points and lagoons.

The brown water doesn't do it just justice but the lagoon was beautiful... and hot! 

It was such a good day!
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Friday, 9 January 2015

New Years Eve in Sydney!

don't think i can explain how special and amazing this new years was! Just how brilliant it was to finally see the famous Sydney new years fireworks, It's the most talked and viewed spectacular event of the year and we was there to see it... 

Our day was spent sitting in the sun with the frozen soundtrack blasting out in the background and the night drinking away (lemonade for me of course) watching 2014 go into 2015 with a bang! 

And so the countdown to 2015 begun...
The last photo taken in 2014!
I love this sneaky picture of them

We will never forget how we spent this new year, It will stay in our brain and memories forever!

I hope you had a good new years and 2015 is treating you jolly good!
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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Birthday celebrations at the Opera Bar!

No one likes getting a year older, well unless your turning 18 or 21 not any other age. So i wasn't thrilled about ageing (i can feel the wrinkles) but i was certainly not going to waste a whole entire day dedicated to yours truly!

I couldn't of asked for a better way to start my birthday than spending my night drinking away at the opera bar! 
I was very excited abound having a rose spritzer!
Stu, Jack, Bobby, Myself and Charlotte.
Lady's man!

On my birthday, i was spoilt rotten with presents, shopping and i had breakfast lunch and dinner cooked for me and a big chocolate cake! Because the weather was shockingly bad we couldn't really do much so we had a movie day/night and that was perfect in my eyes! 

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