Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas down under!

very late Christmas post but i was having so much fun over the Christmas holidays, i just didn't have time... I'm sorry!

Our Christmas was spent a little differently this year than what we are use to.
Firstly it was HOT, secondly it wasn't cold and thirdly it was HOT!!!!!!! This was our first Christmas being away from family and spending our first Christmas along and eighth together! Wow!

We had got our apartment a week before Christmas so it was time we started getting into the Christmas spirit and decorate the house. We got ourselves a Christmas tree, stockings, calendars and fake snow.
Family Photo: Myself, Jack, the Bobster and Charlotte



I'm putting this out there, i hate food shopping. I have never known something more stressful and none satisfying in my life. Especially at Christmas time! No one is nice, no one is in the jolly spirit, its all run over your toes with trolly's and steal the last turkey! We did not enjoy this experience what so ever and we came out the shop saying 'we have to do this for the rest of our lives -_-' 


Being in Sydney the one thing we knew we had to do was go to the one  place were we knew everyone was going to be happy and merry.... Bondi Beach!

It was amazing! The day was perfect for the beach and I don't know if i said it but it was very hot. Blue skies and not a cloud in the sky! Followed by us tackling a Christmas dinner, games and skyping home to family!

We all knew this was going to happen!
The crowd on the beach and the drinkers on the grass

We are very lucky enough to have an amazing family and friends that spoilt us with a package of presents and cards. We wasn't expecting it but we certainly welcomed it with open arms when we saw it was filled with chocolate, sweets and twiglets!

My mum's exact words were when i asked what was in there on the phone 'Oh its only Christmas and birthday cards' Yeahhhhh!

We had a brilliant day with our little adoptive family, we did just want to write Christmas off this year as were not with our families  but when your only here once you need to make the most of things and enjoy the moment because in a year or two its all going to be a memory and what would you rather remember: the time you did nothing or the time you spent Christmas day in bikinis and swim shorts with Christmas hats on on Bondi beach with friends! 

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