Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Road trip to the Blue Moutains

As a birthday present, my jolly good friend Jack hired a car for the weekend and planned a day out to the Blue mountains for us all. Ekkkkk!!

I think after many occasions of me saying 'i wanna go to the blue mountains i wanna gooooo' finally got stuck into someones brain, so i was very HAPPY when he had put it all together. Well done, i say well done!

Now i will be honest and i might be the only one buttt i did think the mountains were actually going to be blue... but there not... its just the blue mist that covers it. (If you didn't know already)

We all wanted to make use of having the car, so we thought we would make a day of it, stopping off at a few look out points and lagoons.

The brown water doesn't do it just justice but the lagoon was beautiful... and hot! 

It was such a good day!
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