Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Next stop Noosa

Noosa was looooooooovely, it was really cute town. We really liked it there, we had everything we needed at out doorstep or a stone throw away. 

Our hostel was YHA halse lodge and is the perfect location, beach one way, town the other. We highly recommend to stay here, the rooms were actually quite alright for a hostel and clean thank the lord. 
Outside our door was a terrace with big arm chairs, sofas and you get to look out of all of Noosa and the wildlife.

The beach had a snow cone machine right next to the water, so i was all over that! 
Get out of the water, Baywatch style and then hop in line to get a snow cone! The beach was like every beach we have seen since being here… BEAUTIFUL! 

From noosa you can do everglades but i guess you will have to stick around for that blog post :)

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