Monday, 10 November 2014

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

Home of crocodile hunter!
You are probably asking why is this zoo so special, well I’m going to show you why it is amazing and by far the best zoo i have EVER been too! 
The Crocoseum
Everyday they put on a crocodile show. The keepers tell you facts about them and showed us the largest croc they had there. They also showed some other wildlife action and put on show for about an hour.
The Irwin family: Bindi, Robert and Terri.
Get right up and close to the Kangaroos. Hand feed and take lots selfies with them!
My favourite part of the day was these last two pictures. We finally got to hold a Kola!

You can hold a kola, crocodile or snake for i think it $25 but its so worth it! 
They put on so many shows, you get to see animals do tricks, we see a tiger climb up a tree it was brilliant. Like i said they have the crocoseum shows at 12 noon each day. 
Also you can pay extra to go into the penn with the animals, feed them, touch them, learn cool facts about them and get a picture with them.  
Ticket entry depends on where you book but i have put the link at the bottom for anyone going.
We had an amazing day at this zoo. We enjoyed every bit, from beginning to end! If you along the east coast you NEED to do this! BEST DAY EVER!
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