Monday, 30 June 2014

Luna Park

Luna Park is a fair ground/carnival across the harbour opposite the  Sydney Opera House. Its easy to get to, you can get the Eco hopper across the water, walk across the bridge or like we did get the train and your there in minutes. You have to walk through a mouth to get into the park and you instantly felt young again.

I have to say we were a little disappointed, its not very big and its not all that. Yes its a tick off the bucket list and we can say we have done it but i wanted to enjoy and experience it. Its about a one minute walk through it all and there isn't not much to go on. Its mainly for kids but i thought there would be more, we were hoping to go on lots of rides but the only ride that looked suitable for us was the Ferris wheel and that was $16 each. A little pricey for a 2 minute ride but i totally understand when you have a family it keeps   everyone happy. I think if we had our niece's and nephew with us we would of gone on them all and enjoyed it. 

One thing that was good about going was another great view of the bridge and the opera house. I would say we wouldn't go back in a heart beat but we got some cool pictures of the entrance. 

Danielle & Bobby xx

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