Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vivid Festival

We were lucky enough to come to Sydney when the vivid festival was on. They lit up all the buildings over the city, such as the harbour bridge, Opera house, hotels, boats, floors, etc. 
It ran from may 23rd- 9th June so we got to see the finale with a big firework show.
 If you have Instagram, hashtag: vividsydney or vividfestival there are endless amount of pictures. Or look at there website with even more pictures Click here

It was quite busy but it was worth being packed like sardines!

Beautiful is the only word i can think of that summed it all up and a site we won't forget for a while! 

These are just a few we took whilst we were there. I went into full tourist mode with my phone out at all times but excuse the poor quality they were taken from my IPhone.

Danielle & Bobby Xx

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  1. Bobby looks like he's surrounded by light sabres in the second from bottom one lol!
    And the last picture I thought "ooh she's rocking a great bow!!" Then realised it was the Sydney Opera House lol!! Xx