Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bondi Beach

The first words out of our mouths were WOW, we couldn't believe our eyes that we were actually at the iconic Bondi Beach!

It was and is beautiful, the sand was white and the sea was so many different colours of blue that we didn't know where to look first. We stood at the top watching surfers going out to catch a wave and looking over the empty icebergs pool, there was a photo shoot going on inside the pool.

Firstly, its quite small about a 10-15 minute walk across the sand, the TV show 'Bondi rescue' make it look huge but its really not!
We walked along the pavilion and as its winter here, they have an ice rink for a short while for people to enjoy and also there was a show going on whilst we walked past.

We decided to have lunch at The Bucket List (Link) and sit outside as the weather gorgeous. Everyone was relaxed and happy, the vibe was so good. 
Blue skies, Bondi beach, fish and chips and a corona not a bad day in my eyes!

After lunch we took a stroll along the beach and we sat in the sand hoping one of the lifeguards would come out but no one did :( I was very disappointed but as were going to spend Christmas there i knew we had good chances we were going to see them in action!

We both agreed that our day at Bondi Beach was our best day since we had arrived! 

 It was such a good day!

 Danielle & Bobby xx

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