Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rushcutters Bay

When we look out of our balcony we can see boats going past a hidden edge and we keep thinking whats behind there?
So we grabbed our sunglasses and camera and we were out the door!

We didn't know exactly where we were going but sometimes the best places you find are when you get lost and not stick to a map.

There was these steep hidden stairs covered with exotic plants either side but at the bottom we found ourselves in Rushcutters bay.

Where ever you looked was something different. There were tennis courts, cafes, bays for fishing, endless amounts of boats, out door gyms, football and rugby pitches and so many benches or grass to park you butt on!

It was actually quite nice to see a different side of Sydney rather than the hustle and bustle city life. People just seemed chilled and happy at going at their own pace.

We made a few friends, if you count dogs as friends then yeah we did!

It was a relaxing afternoon spent with runners and dog walkers!

Danielle & Bobby xx

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