Monday, 15 September 2014

Sydney harbour bridge climb

One word... AMAZING!!!
We knew coming to Sydney that the bridge climb was one of the things that we definitely wanted to do. It is a must! If your coming to Sydney and this isn't on your bucket list, then grab that list, screw it up, chuck it out and write a new one with this at the very top!

We was so excited to do this, like beyond excitement, imagine excitement then times that by 200 that was our excitement level. I think you get the gist. 
Bobby being the best boyfriend ever surprised me with this two days before we was doing it. Little cutie! As Sydney is throwing us some seriously bad weather, the only day it was sunny was the day we did this so he had picked the perfect day.

Once you get there you have to fill out some paper work and whilst your there, you stand in a circle (i felt 10 again) to get to know the group of 14 your doing the climb with and also your climb instructor.  From there you get given jumpsuit that is basically a onesie to wear, then get given a belt with a harness on, a jumper in case it gets chilly, a hat, a handkerchief if you get all emotional from the sights, safety string for your glasses and finally a headset to hear your guide. After you get everything you need you finally get started on the walk. 

The walk up is breath taking, one side is the opera house, circular quay, the rocks, Taronga zoo, etc. The other side is Luna park, darling harbour, cockatoo island and behind is the city. They tell you the facts about Sydney and also tell you about the heritage about the bridge, how it was made, how long it took, how many people died making it, how much it cost etc. Its all interesting but your main focus is the views. On the way up you stop a few times for pictures and take in the view. You don't get to walk completely across it to the other side, you only walk to the top then back down again.



The stuff you wanna to know:

The price: 
Adult $198-$358
Children $148- $228 
Dawn, day, twilight or night depends on the price of climb you get.
We did the day so it cost $248 per person. Its quite expensive but its a once in a life time thing to do so the choice is yours.

Ah the money makers, there's always one where ever you go.
For safety reasons you aren't allowed to take your own cameras up there, they will take their camera and take the pictures for you. You can buy picture packages or single when you book online, or after your climb. Bobby the smart nugget booked us a 10 picture package for $49.99 i believe so whilst we were up there we got to have all of the pictures they took of us.

The complete package- what you get for your money:
Well of course you get the climb, a certificate of achievement, a bridge climb hat, free entry to the pylon lookout and a group photograph. 

Our review

Overall we loved the climb. It is one of those things you will never forgot so you can't put a price on memories... but they had a good crack at it. 
The only thing i would say they could improve on was the price. For a couple its $500 dollars but if your a family of 4 that's nearly $1000 dollars and of course you want pictures of it so that's an extra cost. You wouldn't want a group photo as your keep sake, you would want a personal photo to take back home.

If your interested in doing the climb or want to have a look at the website CLICK HERE
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