Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Our time in Byron Bay

Byron bay is famous for being the hippie, chilled back town where most people call themselves free spirits. We were told so many good things about Byron bay that when we go we will want to stay, even the guy that picked us up said his trip was only meant to last 3 days and 6 months later he’s still here loving life, our roommates only said good things about it so we were pretty excited and set our standards high that we knew we were going to have a good time. But here it comes………… we didn’t like it. Before you go gaspingggggggg hear us out, we have pros and cons. 

What we loved:

The beach. It was beautiful, it stretched out for miles and as much as we tried to walk all of it, our legs just couldn’t take it. 

On Bobby's birthday we walked to the lighthouse which most people said only takes 30 minutes or so, 2 hours and a sweaty top later we finally made it to the top of the cliff (felt like a mountain) We did the nature walk and it was breath taking, the views were just stunning. It honestly takes your breath away but i think any beach view with clear blue waters is going to do that. We had made it to the most eastern part of Australia on our walk and whilst we was up there staring at the world we see some whales. If you wanted to be romantic you could go up there at sunrise or sunset.

The cute restaurants and cafes. Each way you turn, you have no end of choice for food. Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, takeaway, organic food, the list is endless and can cater to every ones budgets. If your a traveller $5 dollar dominoes pizza or if you fancy something not out of a box and is AMAZING try Gourmet fish & chips. The best fish and chips we have EVER had, statement made! Its located behind main beach backpackers hostel.

You can learn how to surf, i mean you can do that at any beach but the price was great here! Plus with who we booked with we got free surf board hire and free paddle boards. But unfortunately a man was attacked by a shark a day before we arrived so we wasn’t feeling up to going to far out as it happened close to shore :/

What we didn’t so much love:

Theres not much to do other than lay by the beach, the nature walks to the light house and back, eat, go out drinking in the evening and that's pretty much it. Theres not much that drew us in about Byron, the town was like a big square with everything you need in it. 

Our hostel wasn’t the greatest but that will be another blog post.

For us it was quite boring but that's only our opinion, a lot of people there loved it but it just wasn’t for us. We could of done it in 2 or 3 days but we were there a week so we decided to get a tan, get drunk and make the most of time we had there.
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