Friday, 19 September 2014

Were on the move!

Bon-voyage Sydney!
Peace out!
We outta here!

If you haven’t already guessed we are on the move. We have finally left Sydney and starting out travels up the east coast. We are done and dusted with the suitcases and have sent them home, bought backpacks, Bobby’s broke as soon as he put his on (he he) and mine weighs more than Mexico. I'm not even kidding i don’t know how people carry these every where they go, mine was on 30 minutes max and i was already calling myself Quasimodo. I can’t complain though i only have 1 backpack and the ‘important bag’ (passports, camera’s, knickers, tooth brush that kinda stuff) and Bobby has 2 backpacks… we can’t travel light! 

Our trip will last 5-6 weeks to travel up to cairns. We can do it quicker with 1 or 2 nights in each destination but we want to take our time and enjoy each place, i mean we do have a year here so whats the rush?! Here's what we have planned:

Byron bay
Surfers paradise
Hervey bay
Frasier island
Airlie beach

First stop is Byron Bay, we have been told by nearly everyone we have spoken to that it is beautiful so we can’t wait to get there and call ourselves free spirits mannnnn! 

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