Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Main beach backpackers Review

We think that our time in Byron bay wasn't enjoyable was mainly down to the fact that we didn't like the hostel we stayed in. We stayed in Main Beach Backpackers if you haven't already guessed. We personally wouldn't recommend this hostel to anyone that was planning on going. 
The only reason why we stayed in this hostel was because when we booked up our travels we got discounted accommodation vouchers. So we thought why not save a little cha ching and go with the ones that Indie travel recommend.

Our room.
Ok we stayed in a 6 bed dorm. We got quite lucky with the roommate situation, the first night we had one girl in the room with us and then she left so we had the 6 bed dorm to ourselves for 2 nights, then another girl joined and then she left after 1 night and then we were on our own again for the remainder of our time there. It was quite handy because we didn't have to leave the room to get changed etc. But the room wasn't luxury and we didn't expect it to be on a travellers budget, but this was just wrong. The rooms smelt of pure DAMP and MOULD, you opened the door you could smell it, the went sleep guess what you could smell it and what made it even better it made our clothes STINK! We didn't realise how bad the smell was until we unpacked our clothes at surfers paradise. The bunk beds were broken. And on our first night our roommate found a spider in the room -_-

Even though the kitchen was mopped each day it still smelt and we didn't want to touch or use anything. Nothing looked like it had been washed up but thats down to the people using them. 

The toilets are pretty much what you expect of public toilets but even then i think public toilets are a little bit much nicer. Some of the girls toilets didn't have locks. The shower only seemed to have one setting, cold! It was rare to get hot  water or even warm, it was just by chance.

One of the main things we noticed was that the people there were not very welcoming to us, no one really spoke to us or even made a effort too, we wasn't sure if it was because we are a couple or because the other people there were long timers and have made there own click. So there wasn't a very nice atmosphere in the hostel. There was only one person who was nice to us and tried to generate a conversation whenever she saw us and that was the receptionist. 

There was no nights out planned or ways to get to know other travellers, no events like they said there would be. One night was meant to be all you can eat BBQ for $5 and it didn't happen and i don't even remember seeing a BBQ, just stuff like that.

The one thing we loved was that the beach was a stone throw away from it, less then 30 seconds to get there!

We didn't let this get us down though because you can't complain for $16 dollars a night!

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