Thursday, 16 October 2014

Why you need to be in Surfers Paradise

A name with paradise in it, you just know what your getting in for and that your gonna have a good time.

We loved surfers paradise! 

Even though it has that city feel you are just thrown back by the gorgeous beach. We have nothing but good things to say about this place. There is so much to do that the list is endless, but i’ll start off with some of the things what we did.

Of course where ever we go, were going to be at the beach some point. Although we wasn’t at the beach as much as we thought we would be. What i loveddddd about this beach was that when it hits that time when you want food but can’t be bothered to go far, its right next to the side walk. Ahhh yes!

Because surfers paradise is mainly tourists and holiday goers, it has a lot of attractions around it. Like Sea world, dream world, movie world and wet n wild. We had planned for a long time that wet n wild was on the list of things to do whilst we was there and it was AMAZING! A few rides that we wanted to go on were shut down for reconstruction, typical, but what rides were open were so much fun!

We went and did the sky point observation deck was $18 and you get a 360 view of the east coast and it was worth the money! We went in the evening to watch the sun set (how romantic of us) and we just made it. Gorgeous views!

Big night out with the hostels! Every wednesday and saturday, depending on what hostel you stay in have big night outs, where each hostel meet up at a bar or night club and you get free entry and drink and then you move onto the next place and the next and the next until you can’t stand or fall asleep in the toilet!

The night markets along the beach. If we were here on holiday for a week or two i would of gone ape shizzle on this and practically bought the whole lot but because I’m not and i have to either send it home or carry it with me, extra bagged is not what we need! They have your typical market things, bracelets, bags, clothes, memorabilia, household items etc (you get the gist).

Shopping, they nearly had every shop you could think of and more!

Ice cream…… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

These are a few of the things we did but if you would like to know more just let me know!

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