Friday, 17 October 2014

Things to do in Surfers Paradise

Need a list of things to do whilst your in surfers? Well you are reading the right post!
1. Wet n wild- Do it, its sooooo much fun!!!!!

2. Seaworld, Dream world & Movie world

3. Big night out with the hostels every wednesday & saturday 

4. The beach is so beautiful and right next to food so you don’t need to walk far

5. Skypoint obsersavtion deck
(please excuse the reflection, it was hard not to get it in the shot)

6. Go on the ‘sling shot’

7. 7D cinema

8. Strike bowling

9. Go to the highstreet and have a little spend

10. Wax museum

11. Of course you can learn to surf, paddle board and kayak. (You can do that anywhere)

12. Tons of restaurant and bars to go in.

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