Saturday, 26 July 2014

10 things to do in Sydney that won't cost you alot!

Australia is quite expensive at times but we have found some things that we have done or are on the list of things to do that won't cost you a lot to do but will still be memorable!

1. Be a beach bum at Bondi 
Depending on where you are in Sydney tickets can be cheap, For us we get on at kings cross and its $5 for a return and 2 stops later your in Bondi beach. Take a scarf instead of a towel to save you the weight, take a picnic with you or buy some lunch on the pavilion, grab some suncream and head over the beach. Depending on where you eat you can grab a bargain, I personally have fallen in love with The bucket list and will go there again!

2. Harbour Bridge & Opera House
Doing the Harbour bridge walk will set you back quite a bit as prices start from $198 BUT if you find the right places you can get right up close to it for cheap as chips. If you head over the Luna Park you can get a view. Any angle you go you are going to get a great view of the opera house, they have cafes on the right hand side facing the harbour bridge. To me that's a a great afternoon watching the world go by sitting in the opera house looking at the bridge and seeing the sun set.   
View from Luna park.

3. Luna Park
Luna Park is free entry and park rides start from $16.

4. Get lost in the Royal Botanical Gardens
The Botanical gardens are huge and i have talked about them in a few of my posts so i won't rabbit on so if you Click Here and Here you can read all about it.

5. Take a sip at the Opera Bar
All you have to do is order yourself a cocktail or what ever tickles you pickle and you can enjoy your night listening to live music and taking in the views.

6. Do the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk
Put on you walking shoes and take In some of the best views Bondi has to offer. You can go even further if you feel up to it and go to Coogee beach.

7. Dip in the Pool
We haven't done this one yet as its closed for the season but after walking past it few times we want it go in it! Its $6 entry and you can swim all day. Have a look at the ABC pool Link Or you can go in the Olympic pool right next to the harbour bride.

8. Hitch a ride
Instead of walking the same streets you've seen before why don't you get a water taxi or take a boat trip to anywhere that takes your fancy. An Eco Hooper cost $9 so why not!
9. Have a BBQ in the park
Go get some burgers and sausages and head down to Alfred park and use the public BBQ's

10. Be a tourist
If you are only here for a short time and want to see all of the sites the best way to do it is; The Hop on Hop off Its $40 per ticket but you get to see everything in your own time. It can last 24 hours or 48 hours. Its a little fun so why not!

Of course if you don't wanna do any of these things but want to read about them or see pictures you know i will always keep you updated! 
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  1. Hi! I go to Sydney in 6 weeks. How long is the train from Kings Cross to Bondi ? (assuming that is a train that costs $5?). We will probably do a hop on/hop off bus too for a day or two (we are there 8 nights). Thanks for these :)

    1. Hi Amy! How exciting, not long now then, your gonna love Sydney! It takes about 5-8 minutes, i thought it would be longer but it really isn't. the train fares have just gone up on the 1st september to $7.60 and thats a return. Yes do the hop on hop off its gives you the chance to see everything within your time limit, its definitely worth it! I hope that gives you enough info but honestly if you want to know anything else just send me and email or comment. There will be 3 new blog posts this week so keep a look out, i hope you have an amazing holiday! xx