Thursday, 24 July 2014

Planning our next destination?

Next stop.....
All aboard to.....
Mr Cornwall and Miss Turtle your flight to.....
This is your last call for.....

We have been in Sydney for 2 months now and we can officially say we are a tad bored! Our feet want to move on, we want the next stamp in our passport, were birds that want to migrate for the season and finally I'm a peacock you gotta let me fly!

Our plan was to stay in Sydney for a month at least and then move on to either Melbourne or Perth, do the cities in the winter and then the beaches in the summer. BUT, we have been told by travel buddies that we should do the Gold coast in September/October time as prices will be good and it should be decent weather, by decent i mean i no longer want to be pale and bobby can stop calling me Casper! 

We was told that if we go before November we will miss the rainy season and we should get discounted prices and cheap deals because there isn't a lot of people that come over for holidays this time of year so we will get the beaches all to ourselves. I can finally be an island girl! 
When summer gets in full swing they bump up prices because they know tourists want to see the islands, beaches, excursions etc sneaky. So BE WARNED!If you coming to Australia December- February PLAN AHEAD!

So the question is do we do the Cities now whilst its winter? Or do we grab our bikini and swim shorts and head for beaches? Live the life with a coconut permanently in our hands?
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