Friday, 4 July 2014

Lazy days in the Royal Botanical Gardens- Part 2

Lazy days are the best because you can do anything you want to be classed as lazy. You can lay in bed or sit on the sofa for majority of your day, sit by the bay or in our case walk to the Royal Botanical Gardens again and lay in the sun all day! Ah bliss!

We decided to grab some lunch on the way to the gardens and found a seat perfectly over looking the bridge and opera house and just people watched for most of the day. I don't care what anyone says, everyone people watches. If you don't know what i mean its where you sit and watch people and not talk to the company your with unless its 'Huh look at that guy!' and you just wonder what there doing or where their going? You just wanna be nosey, be there friend.

If you want a relaxed day where every ones chilled out and no one pesters you apart from the seagulls then you need to get your little tooche's down there!

Danielle & Bobby xx

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